Travel fest albania

Nature, wildlife, mountaineering, climbing, landscape, environment and ecology, underwater world, biodiversity, flora, extreme and adventure sports, historical places, heritage, expeditions & routes, food and drinks etc. will be the reference of the first edition in Travel Fest Albania contest, on the big screen where a large audience will enjoy and talk about videos, films and documentaries as well.

Travel Fest Albania will take place in Tirana, capital city of Albania, on July 18-24, 2022, screening films focused on sustainable development and natural tourism, exploring the most innovative tendencies in the audiovisual representation of the travelling experience around the world.

Winners will be awarded at a special ceremony on the last day of the Festival and can register for a three days trip to Albanian amazing travel destinations. This project is supported by Albanian Ministry of Tourism and Environment.


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Submit your film

What to submit


Films of any length focused on travel, outdoors, exploring and tourism.


Non fiction film or documentary based on true story, biography or heritage. 


Curated audiovisual representation video, including travel commercials.

travel & art

not just screening films

Because we love filming and traveling so much we’ve decided to create a new space for all filmmakers and travelers to screen their artwork on a big event in Tirana and to discuss travel. 

Each day of the festival we will talk about the issues we face today in the sustainable development of tourism, preservation of the environment and involvement of young people in the current climate challenges. The Earth’s climate is changing, causing a real problem for our environment and human activity is forcing these changes first. We therefore need to find ways to raise awareness of these important issues through activities and projects like this.

All competitors will have the opportunity to register for free daily trips to some popular locations in Tirana. We are committed to providing the best organization of the International Travel Film Festival in Tirana and aim to provide a memorable experience for all Festival participants, involving tours, gastronomic tastings, exhibitions, musical performances, etc.