First edition of Travel Fest Albania

The first Edition of Travel Fest Albania took place on July 18-24, 2022 in the capital of Albania, Tirana. 128 films divided into 12 categories competed in the festival. All films were screened in 4 cinemas during one week:

  1. The Amphitheatre of Grand Park of Tirana
  2. Millennium Cinema Tirana
  3. The Amphitheatre of Rinia Park, Tirana
  4. Ten Multifunctional Center Cinema, Tirana

In the first edition of Travel Fest Albania 22 prizes were awarded to the winners. Nature, wildlife, mountaineering, climbing, landscape, underwater world, biodiversity, flora, extreme and adventure sports, historical places, heritage, expeditions & routes, food and drinks etc. were the reference of the first edition in Travel Fest Albania contest.

All authors attending the festival in Tirana presented their films to the audience in the cinema through an interview, while the festival was mentioned in the national and international media. After the awards ceremony, the authors of the films present at the festival enjoyed a 3-days trip to the Albanian Riviera.


  1. Nature & Wildlife Film
  2. Environment & Ecology Film
  3. Destinations Film
  4. History & Heritage Film
  5. Adventure Film
  6. Expeditions & Routes Film
  7. Food & Drink Film
  8. Tv & Web Series
  9. Commercial video
  10. Drone Film
  11. Animation Film
  12. Albanian Film

  1. Best Travel Fest Film
  2. Best Nature & Wildlife Film
  3. Best Environment & Ecology Film
  4. Best Destinations Film
  5. Best History & Heritage Film
  6. Best Adventure Film
  7. Best Expeditions & Routes Film
  8. Best Food & Drink Film
  9. Best Tv & Web Series
  10. Best Commercial video
  11. Best Drone Film
  12. Best Animation Film
  13. Best Albanian Film
  14. Best Director
  15. Best Screenwriter
  16. Best Editor
  17. Best Cinematographer
  18. Best Sound Designer
  19. Audience Award
  20. Special Mention
  21. Special Mention
  22. Best Friend