Filmmakers enjoy 3-days trip in Albanian Riviera

Filmmakers who competed in Travel fest Albania enjoy a 3-days trip in Albanian Riviera, a project supported by Ministry of Tourism and Environment of Albania.

Programme for the Riviera tour

Day I:

Coffee/breakfast break in Llogara

Arriving at Dhërmi Beach

Boat trip to the famous Ionian coastline

Lunch in Himara

Visit to the archeological park of Butrint

Accommodation in hotel, Saranda

Day II:

Walk in the city of Saranda

Meeting with the major of Saranda Municipality

Arriving in Berat Castle

16:30-17:30 Arrival in Berat, welcome from the city authorities

Accommodation in hotel Berat

Day III:

Visit to the ethnographic museum.

Departure to Rinas airport.

Return from Rinas airport to Tirana.