GoAragon: The Aragonese Iryna Melnyk wins an award at the International Travel Fest Albania with the film about the history and reality of the Comarca de Las Cinco Villas

Originally published at GoAragon.es

“Five Villas. Spanish Debut” has been the winner of the Best Television Series Award at The International Travel Fest Albania 2023 (International Tourist Film Festival of Albania 2023). 128 films from 42 countries of the world participated in the contest.
́ ́Five Villas. Spanish Debut ́ ́ is a documentary film about the Cinco Villas area of Aragon produced by Lucientes Films, a production company from Zaragoza and directed by Iryna Melnyk, Ukrainian by birth and Aragonese by nationality.
The documentary was awarded in Tirana, in the second edition of the Travel Film and Photo Festival, Travel Fest Albania that was held between July 3 and 7 in its capital. The film that was screened at the Festival on July 4 had an incredible reception and was named ́ ́original ́ ́ and ́surprising ́ ́ by the Albanian public.
The director Iryna Melnyk was interviewed by the main Albanian media such as: RTSH (Albanian National Television) and Top Channel Albania.
“Five Villas. Spanish Debut” is a female project, written, directed and produced by women. The presenters of the documentary are also girls: the Aragonese Marta and the Ukrainians Iryna and María. Synopsis: Marta is a young Spanish woman, who is educated and works as a camera operator. She invites two Ukrainian friends Iryna (historian) and Maria (presenter and event planner) to spend a few days in the Biota palace and discover the Cinco Villas region. The three of them, in their convertible Porsche, search for the essence of the Aragonese rural area, falling in love with their heroes and their stories.