Meet the authors of Travel Fest Albania

Adriano Zecca (Milan, 1945) is a photographer, journalist and documentary film-maker specialized in the study of the cultures of the southern hemisphere. He has traveled to and stayed in dozens of non-European countries: from Africa to Asia (two years only in Indonesia), and especially in Latin America. He is the author of two travel books, “Regni di pietra: alla scoperta del Perú preincaico” (Ed. Sugar, Milano: 1973) and “Indonesia”

Vladi Korn filmed world-renowned stars such as famous Portuguese singer Cuca Roseta in Lisbon; Thai supermodel and celebrity Cindy Bishop in Bangkok; South African E! Host Kat Sinivasan in Zambia; Chinese celebrity and artist Liane Chu in Hong Kong. What ever is a subject of his productions, – hotel hospitality, tourism, animal and nature conservation or blockchain company promotional advertising he manages to make it emotionally involving and calling for action.

Oliver Goetzl First film: “Wolverines – Hyenas of the North”. Followed by “Wild Russia – The Urals”, “Wild Scandinavia – Finland”, “Wild Scandinavia – Sweden”, “Jungle Book Bear”, “America’s National Parks – Yosemite”, “America’s National Parks – Yellowstone”. Oliver Goetzl has worked for NDR, BBC, DISNEYNATURE, SILVERBACK FILMS, WILD HORIZONS, DISCOVERY CHANNEL, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, ANIMAL PLANET, ARD, ORF, TERRA MATER, S4C, ARTE, SVT, WDR and ZDF

Iara Lee, a Brazilian of Korean descent, is an activist, filmmaker, and founder/director of the Cultures of Resistance Network, an organization that promotes global solidarity and supports agitators, educators, farmers, and artists to build a more just and peaceful world through creative resistance and nonviolent action. Her films address topics that are often overlooked by the mainstream media-including indigenous rights.

Gabriel “Gabby” Malvar is a multi-awarded documentary filmmaker, writer, and photographer whose narratives are nuanced with unique, inventive perspectives to provoke an inquisitive look at his favorite subject, the Philippines. His articles have been published in Destinasian Magazine, Esquire Magazine, Travelife… His National Geographic series Islands Insider (2012) is a travel guide with a bent towards history…

Rafael Duarte Award-winning documentary director, journalist and photographer, Rafael Duarte holds a Masters in “Cinema and Audio Visual” by the Université Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne. He directed the documentaries “RIO by unique sights” (2021), “Beyond Dreams” (2019), “The Sea Mountain” (2018), “SOS UERJ” (2018), “Sons of Sound” (2018), “Transcarioca Trail” (2017) and “Whiteout” (2015).

Giorgi Kharebava – 2014 Prize for contribution to regional development. International Festival of Operators “Golden Eye”. Film – “Cradle of Wine”, 2003 Best DIRECTION. New-york Short Film Festival, 1998 “The Golden Knight”. Kiev, 1998 “Premium of ST. Anna”. II prize. Moscow, Other: 2013-2018 Member of board of the society of cinematographers of Georgia, 2011 New York.

Elio Quiroga directed the controversial feature film Fotos which was awarded Best Script and the Jury’s Special Award at the Sitges International Film Festival in 1997, where it was enthusiastically praised by Quentin Tarantino; it was nominated to the Méliès D’Argent for Best European Fantastic Film, to the Corbeau D’Or at the Brussels Film Festival, as well as to the Fotogramas de Plata. He has published many novels.

Mikael and Mia Kyster has been working for the past 15 years in danish television and we are in love with entertaining stories with a heart. Emotional and enjoyable rollercoaster rides has always been the centre of our interest and we continue to explore new ways of sharing exciting, heartfelt and amusing stories through moving images.

Nathan Siegel is a documentary filmmaker and co-founder of ONA, a production company that makes films about the sea. Before moving into the world of documentary, he worked as a video and photojournalist based in East Africa, covering environmental issues for publications like the Guardian, CNN and BBC. He now lives in Barcelona, Spain.

Nikolas Grasso studied Filmmaking at IED in Milan, Italy. His debut short-film as a director is Doina, which has been awarded by 9 International Film Festivals. In 2014 Nikolas has co-written the short film ‘Life’ which has been awarded with the ‘Independent Spirit Award’ at the Angel Film Awards in Montecarlo. In 2016 his short film ‘SuperGigi’ has won five awards.

Alican Abaci is an award-winning Turkish filmmaker, sociologist, and scuba diver with over 15 years in the filmmaking industry experience. Alican has worked on feature films, short films, commercials, music videos, festival organizations, events, and voluntary projects as A producer, director, videographer. Founder of Aw Film Production & Underwater Films.

Jake Tupman and Jack Somerville are both from the UK and have filmed videos together for NGOs, media outlets and international organisations around the world. They run a video production company called Vest Media ( where they find inspirational people and organisations and help them tell their stories through documentary film.

Nils Witt – Dipl. Designer (FH). Film&TV. Self-employment since 2014 – junior DoP BVK (german society of cinematography) – Masterclass cinematography ASC, Los Angeles 2016. PHOENIX, director&DoP, 2021 – THE ILLUSION, director&DoP, 2021 – THE AWAKENING, director&DoP, 2020 – FIRST CONTACT, director & DoP, 2021 – INFINITE, director & DoP, 2022.

Olivier Bourgeois started his career as a commercial TV producer for major companies. In 2004 his passion for culture and the environment led him to produce, direct and write the first opus of the documentary trilogy “HERITAGE”. The feature documentary “HERE TO STAY” starring Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Mikhail Gorbachev and Wangari Maathai, environmentalist James Lovelock and Philosopher Edgar Morin.

Jyotsna Puthran – She started her own ad & filmmaking company at the age of 18. With extensive contribution in the field of film,arts & advertising for more than 20yrs , she has an international award winning reputation as artistic film maker, inventor, ad person, communication artist, Graphic Novelist, rapper, underground artist, musician-lyricist, poet, sprint-athlete, writer, dancer, vfx, CGI, fashion designer, choreographer, activist etc.

Krzysztof Nowicki – A graduate of the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing in War-saw. Filmography: Silence (2003), The Cure (2004), Old Book Store (2005) and The Suburban Train (2007) were awarded at the Krakow Film Festival. He is also the author of documentaries: Ahoy (2006), Katyń. 60 Days on the Film Set (2007), In the Sky, on Earth (2007). An award win-ner at the festivals, among others, in Győr, Paris, Cieszyn, Łagów, Wrocław and Toruń.

Maciek Jabłoński – Photographer and filmmaker working with National Geographic Poland. Owner of the F11 studio ( with MSc in Computer Science at Silesian University of Technology (Poland) and MA in Photography and Film Production at Poznań Academy of Arts (Poland). He feels best working at social reportage and documentaries.

Vincenzo Lamagna – the short movie I realized for my graduation in Cinema, Photography and Television at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, “The Magic Crown”, selected and awarded in the whole world, or my experience as operator in an international troupe in Cannes, in 2019. When I came back to Italy, I brought with me a big baggage of technical knowledge that I immediately used in my following works.