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You can submit feature films, documentaries, reports and commercials on categories below.

For more information please read  RULES & TERMS


nature & wildlife

Any Length Film 

Nature, mountains, sea, animals, plants, or other non-human living creatures. Wildlife or ecosystems in relationship to human beings.

Environment & Ecology

Any Length Film 

Impact of human beings on the environment and climate change. Preservation and appreciation of our natural habitats and ecosystems.


Any Length Film 

Travel films or creative and engaging videos to present their destination: city, region, country, vacation spot, or a trip for recreation or tourism.

History & heritage

Any Length Film 

Films about traveling to historic places, remote populated areas. Showing events, fairs, heritage and anthropological view of societies. 


Any Length Film 

Films about the celebration of the outdoors and adventures: skiing, running, sailing, extreme sports and adrenaline junkie stunts including also solo Traveler – One traveler film.


expeditions & routes

Any Length Film 

Expedition and passion to find new worlds, passion for adventure by exploring new routes traveling around the continents. Biography of travelers or explorers on their road. 


Food & Drink

Any Length Film 

Culinary Films celebrating emerging and prominent gourmet chefs, the art of gastronomy, international food and drinks culture.


TV & Web Series

Any Length Film/Series 

TV or web-series that is currently running on YouTube, Vimeo, or any streaming service and would like to increase exposure to new fans. 



Up to 5 minutes

Video commercials about countries and cities, hotels and airlines, museums and parks, travel agents, events and festivals, hotels and tour guides for creative advertisement.


Up to 10 minutes

Video must have been shot on a mobile device. All kinds of New Media and Video Skits, published or unpublished, vertical or horizontal format.


Up to 10 minutes

Film must have been shot mostly on a drone, at least 50% of footage. All kinds of drones UAV or FPV released in Full HD format.


Any Length

Animation films about nature, wildlife, landscape, underwater world, biodiversity, flora, historical places, heritage, expeditions & routes, food etc.


Any Length Film/Video

Film, Documentary or Video about travel in Albania from filmmakers around the world, or from Albanians abroad. Must be translated in English.