Spanish newspapers have featured articles about the Travel Fest Albania

We are delighted to announce that leading Spanish newspapers, including “El Mundo,” “El Día de Valladolid,” “Europa Press,” and “Agencia Ical,” have featured articles about the Travel Fest Albania and the film “Carraco” directed by Carlos Cazurro. It is with great pleasure that we share this exciting news as the film emerged as the winner in the “History and Heritage” category.

The festival and Director Carlos Cazurro’s outstanding work have received well-deserved recognition in these esteemed newspapers. The article highlights the success of “Carraco,” which won the Best Feature Film Award in the History and Heritage category at the second edition of the International Travel Film & Photo Festival, Travel Fest Albania. The festival took place from July 3rd to 7th in the capital city, Tirana.

The screening of “Carraco” on the 5th, held in the main amphitheater of Tirana, captivated the audience and sparked an engaging and entertaining discussion afterward. The film’s reception by the public was described as “magnificent.”

We are thrilled by the positive response and the opportunity to showcase outstanding works like “Carraco” at Travel Fest Albania. The recognition in these prominent newspapers underscores the impact and significance of the festival in promoting exceptional films and fostering meaningful dialogue.

Once again, congratulations to Director Carlos Cazurro and the entire team behind “Carraco” for this well-deserved recognition. We look forward to continuing our mission of celebrating remarkable works and creating a platform for engaging cinematic experiences.