The Albanian Ministry of Tourism and Environment supported the first project of “Travel Fest Albania”


A group of foreign producers and directors, participating in the international film festival “Travel Fest Albania” will be accompanied by a tour guide on a 3-day trip to the tourist areas on the Albanian Riviera. The journey starts from Tirana, to well-known tourist destinations:
1. Archaeological Park of Apollonia, Fier.
2. Zvërnec Monastery, Vlora,
3. The beautiful beach of Dhërmi,
4 Coastal town of Himara,
5. The tourist city of Saranda
6. Butrint Archaeological Park,
7. The fabulous Ksamil Islands,
8. Blue Eye,
9. The stone city of Gjirokastra, a UNESCO property,
10. The city of 1000 windows Berat, a UNESCO property.
During the trip, producers and directors will have the opportunity to enjoy and film the beauties of Albanian nature and to get in touch with the locals, getting to know the hospitable nature of Albanians, handicrafts, and traditional cuisine. At the end of this trip, producers and directors of tourist films will take with them the impressions and inspiration of Albanian beauties through films and photos.