The Opening Ceremony

For the first time, the International Film Festival Travel Fest Albania opens in Tirana. Until Sunday, 128 films from 42 participating countries will be screened at the Cinema.

This festival has a special focus because all cinematographic productions dealing with nature, environment and tourism take part in it.

Hubert Perr, head of cooperation of the EU delegation in Albania, shows the reasons why this activity is so important.

“We support this activity because films are a way of raising awareness, through these films they address some points of view that are very important such as biodiversity, climate change, and the environment and just by looking at the temperatures in Tirana and all over Europe it is quite clear why we should be aware and take action on climate change,” he said.

Many producers and directors from different countries have come to the first opening night of the festival which will be held for a week in Tirana. On the first night, 6 films were shown to the public. The Travel Fest Albania festival will close on Sunday, where 22 trophies will be awarded.

Thank you to all the participants in the opening ceremony, for making the first day of the Travel Fest Albania festival so special!